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I am currently a Research Fellow level 2 (RA2) in the Cognitive Vision group, which is part of the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) at the University of Surrey. A copy of my CV is available here.

I currently supervise 3 PhD students (Karel Lebeda, Matthew Marter and Oscar Mendez). I also run the labs and assessment for the first year undergraduate module "Computers & Programming I: The C Language" and I also teach the tutorial sessions for the 3rd year Undergraduate module "Object Oriented Design and C++".

My PhD thesis was titled "The estimation and use of 3D information, for natural human action recognition" and was completed in May 2013. My PhD supervisor was Prof. Richard Bowden and my secondary supervisor was Dr. John Collomosse. My examiners were Prof. Adrian Hilton and Prof. Andrew Davison.

I received an MEng (distinction) in Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University of Surrey, in October 2009. I was also awarded the DTI MEng prize, for the highest scoring MEng graduate, and the Associateship of the University of Surrey (AUS) for my industrial placement at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB).

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