LaTeX on the Fly

LaTeX on the Fly

This page provides some introductory material relating to the mathematical typesetting program, LaTeX.

You can download here:

A Grasshopper's Approach to LaTeX

This is an introduction to LaTeX for people who have never encountered it before (with acknowledgement to Sebastian Reich):

  1. the postscript version ,
  2. the pdf version ,
  3. the LaTeX source file

for this document.

LaTeX sources on the Web

Here are some LaTeX resources on the web

Getting Started with LaTeX
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
LaTeX Resources

(There are many others; just try typing `latex' into Google. Not all that you find this way will be related to mathematical typesetting...)

Suitable editors for LaTeX

You might want to use WinShell, which is specifically designed for working with LaTeX.

LaTeX on PCs

There are three points to make here:
  1. If you have a computer running Red Hat Linux, then latex should be automatically available.
  2. An easily downloadable version is available from here ( It is also possible to get a CD ROM with this on; we have it and it can be borrowed from Gwen Potter (20AA04). Please make sure that you return it to her after using it.
  3. A very comprehensive archive is available at here (

Recommended LaTeX textbook

I can recommended the following textbook

David F. Griffiths and Desmond J. Higham, Learning LaTeX, SIAM, Philadelphia, 1996, ISBN 0-89871-383-8,     Price    £ 14:50.

(Several copies ordered by the bookshop, October 2001.)

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