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Notes, tables and additional material


There will be two written assignments, both consisting of problem sheets. The first will be due in on Tuesday 3 November at 16:00 (week 6) and the second, on Tuesday 5 January (week 12). The assignments will be available about two weeks before the hand-in date.

Past exam papers and solutions

The following past exam papers (long questions only) are available:

Click here for worked solutions to selected past exam questions.

Note that Fourier series in the trigonometric form was removed from the course in Autumn 2012. There are a couple of questions in the past papers that require you to calculate these. So that you can still use these questions for practice, I suggest you work the problem as if it said "Find the Fourier series in the complex form". I have given the solutions in the complex form in the worked solutions, so that you can check your answers.

Additionally, the multiple choice questions from a past paper (with answers) are available by clicking here. Note that the course has changed since this paper was set, but most of these questions are still relevant. Those that are not are

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