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Algebra (MS209)

Lecturer: Dr JHB Deane, 1AA04.
Lecture Details
Wednesday 9--10 TB11
Thursday 9--10 TB11
Thursday 4--5 35AC04
Course book
For the linear algebra part of the course, the recommended book is `Linear Algebra' by R. Kaye and R. Wilson (ISBN 0-19-850237-0, price £ 22.00).

There are some errors in this book; the authors maintain this web page with information about those which are known.

NOTE: A class test has been introduced; it will be on Tursday 11 November, 4 - 5 lecture (week 10). It will consist of multiple choice questions on most of the syllabus, and will be good practice for the exam. Look here for some more information about this.
Coursework Deadlines
Assessed work 1: Handed out Wednesday 22 Sep (week 3), handed in Friday 1 Oct (week 4).

Assessed work 2: Handed out Friday 15 October (week 6), handed in Friday 22 October (week 7).

Non-assessed work 3.

Class test: to be done on Thursday 11 November, 4 - 5 lecture (week 10).

N.B. These dates are my best guess and may change.

Coursework Sheets
Assessed work 1 ( Postscript version, Pdf version).

Assessed work 2 ( Postscript version, Pdf version).

Non-assessed work ( Postscript version, Pdf version).

N.B. A downloadable version of the two problems form Kaye and Wilson is available in postscript here, and in pdf here.

N.B. Note change of deadline.

December 2004 Exam Information
There are now three past papers for you to practise on. I have put here some information about the December exam. Available are: In particular, Section A of the exam will consist of 15 multiple choice questions (compulsory). Click here for some examples of what to expect.
Worked solutions to most of the problems in Chapters 1 to 3
Brief worked solutions can be found here.
Course Notes
This is the current version of the course notes in postscript and pdf.

Additional Notes
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An overview of this module can be found in the Module Catalogue.

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