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Week 1: Can We Write on Dirty Paper?

Chair: Yi Ma

Time: 10-Mar, 2008








In this session, we discussed one of fundamental problems in network information theory, i.e., cross-talk channel (CTC). The session chair introduced capacity (region) theorem of CTC, classification of cross-talk interference, and dirty-paper-coding theorem. Technical discussions focused on the following three folds:

l    Significance of studying cross-talk behaviour in wireless/mobile communications;

l    Definition and physical sense of (very) strong interference;

l    Significance and limitation of Costa dirty-paper-coding theorem.


Week 2: Improved Coded Cooperation Schemes

Chair: Judy Zhang

Time: 17-Mar, 2008



Week 3: Interference Cancellation Schemes in OFDMA

Chair: Mohammad


Time: 24-Mar, 2008



Week 4: How Smart Is My Mobile

Chair: Na Yi

Time: 31-Mar, 2008


Week 5: To Be Confirmed

Chair: Hongju Liu

Time: 07-Apr, 2008