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Who Are We?

Mobile Communications Research Group is the largest academic research group in the field of mobile communications within Europe. It covers all levels of communication systems, from antennas & propagation, air interfaces, PHY, MAC, networking layer up to application layer. We are a small research team within this group, and carry out fundamental research in the following topics:


l          Shannon theory (Network information theory).

l          Coding and communication theory.

l          Signal processing for communications.

l          PHY/MAC layer optimisation.

l          Quantum information theory.

l          Artificial intelligence


What Is WRF?

WRF is one of research activities within our team. Every week, one of team members chairs a 2-hour technical session. The chair person should raise an interesting topic for discussion, for example:

l          Blue sky in physics, mathematics, information theory, and communications.

l         Exciting findings and interesting results from our work.

l         High-quality review of state-of-the-art technologies.










Rahim Tafazolli has supplied a picture for identification

Professor Rahim Tafazolli

Head of Mobile Communications Research Group



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