Funded Projects (Grants)

I appreciate the financial support for my research from the following bodies (since 2008): Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), Ministry of Defence (MOD), Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Home Office (HO), Royal Academy of Engineering (RAENG), European Commission (EC), Samsung Electronics Research Institute UK (SAMSUNG), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Council (SSTIC) of China, the University Research Support Fund (URSF), and the Ohio State University (OSU), and UK/EU industries including BBC and Atlas. [Total award to Surrey where I am a PI/CI: approximately £8.5M (as PI £1.2M, as CI £7.3M). As PI/CI, on a total grant award portfolio: approximately £21.5M]

  1. 09/2018-03/2019, "Array optimisation with sensor failure", EPSRC (impact acceleration account). [jointly with Kaon] [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  2. 02/2018-12/2018, "Speech detection, separation and localisation with acoustic vector sensor", Huawei (HIRP). [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  3. 03/2017-03/2022, "Audio Visual Media Research", EPSRC (Platform grant). [Surrey investigators: Hilton (PI), Plumbley, Kittler, Wang, Collomosse, Jackson, and Guillemaut.]

  4. 01/2017-01/2020, "Improving the Robustness of UWAN Data Transmitting and Receiving Utilize Deep Learning and Statistical Model", NSFC (Youth Science Foundation). [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  5. 02/2016-02/2019, "ACE-CReAte: Audio Commons", EC (Horizon 2020). [jointly wih Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Queen Mary University of London, Jamendo SA, AudioGaming, and Waves Audio Ltd.] [Surrey investigators: Plumbley, Wang, Brookes, and Plans.] (project website)

  6. 02/2016-02/2019, "Marine environment surveillance technology based on underwater acoustic signal processing", SSTIC ('international collaboration' call). [jointly wih Harbin Institute of Technology at Shenzhen] [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  7. 01/2016-01/2019, "Making sense of sounds", EPSRC ('making sense from data' call). [jointly wih Salford University] [Surrey investigators: Plumbley, Wang, Jackson and Frohlich.] (project website)

  8. 01/2015-01/2019, "MacSeNet: machine sensing training network", EC (Horizon 2020, Marie Curie Actions - Innovative Training Network). [jointly with INRIA (France), University of Edinburgh (UK), Technical University of Muenchen (Germany), EPFL (Switzerland), Computer Technology Institute (Greece), Institute of Telecommunications (Portugal), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), Fraunhofer IDMT (Germany), Cedar Audio Ltd (Cambridge, UK), Audio Analytic (Cambridge, UK), VisioSafe SA (Switzerland), and Noiseless Imaging Oy (Finland)] [Surrey investigators: Plumbley and Wang] (project website)

  9. 10/2014-10/2018, "SpaRTaN: Sparse representation and compressed sensing training network", EC (FP7, Marie Curie Actions - Initial Training Network). [jointly with University of Edinburgh (UK), EPFL (Switzerland), Institute of Telecommunications (Portugal), INRIA (France), VisioSafe SA (Switzerland), Noiseless Imaging Oy (Finland), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), Cedar Audio Ltd (Cambridge, UK), and Fraunhofer IDMT (Germany)] [Surrey investigators: Plumbley and Wang.] (project website)

  10. 01/2014-01/2019, "S3A: future spatial audio for an immersive listener experience at home", EPSRC (programme grant). [jointly with University of Southampton, University of Salford, and BBC.] [Surrey investigators: Hilton, Jackson, Wang, Brookes, and Mason.] (project website)

  11. 04/2013-06/2018, "Signal processing solutions for a networked battlespace", EPSRC and DSTL ('signal processing' call). [jointly with Loughborough University, University of Strathclyde, and Cardiff University.] [Surrey investigators: Wang, Kittler, and Jackson] (project website)


  12. 09/2015-06/2016, "Array processing exploiting sparsity for submarine hull mounted arrays", Atlas Electronik & MOD (MarCE scheme) [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  13. 03/2015-09/2015, "Speech enhancement based on lip tracking", EPSRC (impact acceleration account). [jointly with SAMSUNG (UK)] [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  14. 10/2013-03/2014, "Enhancing speech quality using lip tracking", SAMSUNG (industrial grant). [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  15. 12/2012-12/2013, "Audio-visual cues based attention switching for machine listening", MILES and EPSRC (feasibility study). [jointly with School of Psychology and Department of Computing.] [Surrey investigators: Wang, Mandeep, Li, and Ho.]

  16. 11/2012-07/2013, "Audio-visual blind source separation", NSFC (international collaboration scheme). [jointly with Nanchang University, China.] [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  17. 12/2011-03/2012, "Enhancement of audio using video", HO (pathway to impact). [jointly with University of East Anglia.] [Surrey investigators: Wang and Bowden.]

  18. 10/2010-10/2013, "Audio and video based speech separation for multiple moving sources within a room environment", EPSRC (responsive mode). [jointly with Loughborough University.] [Surrey investigators: Kittler and Wang.]

  19. 10/2009-10/2012, "Multimodal blind source separation for robot audition", EPSRC and DSTL ('signal processing' call). [Surrey investigators: Wang, Kittler and Jackson.] (project website)

  20. 05/2008-06/2008, "Convolutive non-negative sparse coding", RAENG (international travel grant).[Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  21. 02/2008-06/2008, "Convolutive non-negative matrix factorization", URSF (small grant). [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

  22. 02/2008-03/2008, "Computational audition", OSU (visiting scholarship). [Surrey investigators: Wang.]

Research Team

BSc Students

Research Collaborations

Current Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Deep Learning for Speech Source Separation" available. (Closing date for applications: 01/05/2018) CLOSED

  2. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Machine Listening" available. (Closing date for applications: 01/05/2018) CLOSED

  3. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Source Separation and Localisation" available. (Closing date for applications: 27/03/2017) CLOSED

  4. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Research Software Developer (Experimental Officer) ON “Making Sense of Sounds”" available. (Closing date for applications: January 17, 2016) (CLOSED)

  5. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Machine Listening" available. (Closing date for applications: December 13, 2015) (CLOSED)

  6. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Semantic Audio-Visual Processing and Interaction" available. (Closing date for applications: December 13, 2015) (CLOSED)

  7. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Audio-Visual Signal Processing" available. (Closing date for applications: January 27, 2015) (CLOSED)

  8. Vacancy available: Four research fellow positions in "spatial audio & vision" available. Click here for more details. (Closing date for applications: February 2, 2014) (CLOSED)

  9. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Low-Complexity Source Separation Algorithms" (Fixed-term contract for three years. Closing date for applications: March 17, 2013) (CLOSED)

  10. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Statistical anomaly detection" (Closing date for applications: February 28, 2013) (CLOSED)

  11. Vacancy available: Research Fellow position in "Audio and Video Based Speech Separation for Multiple Moving Sources Within a Room Environment" (Closing date for applications: August 9, 2010) (CLOSED)

Marie Curie Early Stage Researchers

  1. Vacancy available: MacSeNet: Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher position in "Audio Restoration and Inpainting" available. (Closing date for applications: April 30, 2015) (CLOSED)

  2. Vacancy available: MacSeNet: Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher position in "Sound Scene Analysis" available. (Closing date for applications: April 30, 2015) (CLOSED)

  3. Vacancy available: SpaRTan: Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher position in "Sparse Time-Frequency Methods for Audio Source Separation" available. (Closing date for applications: January 25, 2015) (CLOSED)

  4. Vacancy available: SpaRTan: Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher position in "Automatic Music Transcription Using Structured Sparsity" available. (Closing date for applications: January 25, 2015) (CLOSED)

PhD Students

If you wish to join CVSSP and work with me as a PhD student, please check the topic list and feel free to contact me if you have further inquiries. Students with background in engineering, mathematics, computing, physics or other related subjects are all welcome to apply. New project ideas, if not included in the list, are also encouraged to propose.

  1. Vacancy available: PhD Studentship in Multimodal BSS for Robot Audition (Closing date for applications: August 7, 2009) (CLOSED)

  2. Vacancy available: PhD Studentship in Signal Processing for Machine Audition and Perception (Closing date for applications: August 8, 2008) (CLOSED)

Visiting Scholar

I welcome collaborations nationally and internationally. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in joining CVSSP as a visiting scholar.

Current Topics

  1. Unsupervised learning techniques (including independent component analysis, independent vector analysis, latent variable analysis, sparse component analysis, non-negative matrix/tensor factorisation, low-rank representation, manifold learning, and subspace clustering)

  2. Supervised learning techniques (including deep learning, dictionary learning, multimodal learning, and learning with priors and signal properties)

  3. Computational auditory scene analysis (audio scene recognition, audio event detection, audio tagging, and audio captioning)

  4. Audio signal separation (convolutive audio source separation, underdetermined audio source separation including monaural source separation)

  5. Audio feature extraction and perception (including pitch detection, onset detection, rhythm detection, music transcription and low bit-rate audio coding)

  6. Sound source localisation (using audio, video, depth information, with particle filtering, PHD filtering, and/or particle flow filtering)

  7. Multimodal speech source separation (audio/visual source separation with modelled based techniques such as Gaussian mixture model and learning-based method such as audio-visual dictionary learning)

  8. Sparse representation and compressed sensing (synthesis model and analysis model based dictionary learning for sparse represenation, with applications to audio source separation, speech enhancement, audio inpainiting, and image enhancement)

  9. Cocktail party processing (using techniques such as independent component analysis, blind source separation, computational auditory scene analysis, sparse representation/dictionary learning, Gaussian mixture modelling and expectation maximisation, and multimodal fusion)

  10. Non-negative sparse coding of audio signals (including sparsity constrained non-negative matrix factorisation for audio analysis)

  11. 3D positional audio technology (including head-related transfer functions, binaural modelling, multiple loudspeaker panning, and room geometry estimation)

  12. Approximate joint diagonalization for source separation (including unitary or non-unitary constrained joint diagonalization approaches)

  13. Robust solutions for permutation problem of frequency domain independent component analysis (including approaches using filter constraints, statistical characteristics of signals, and beamforming)

  14. Convex and non-convex optimisation (gradient descent, Newton methods, interior point method, ADMM, etc.)

  15. Psychoacoustics motivationed signal processing and machine learning methods (e.g. time-frequency masking, perceptually informed speech separation/enhancement, intelligibility adaptive speech separation algorithms)

... More information about my current research may be found in my publications.

Past Projects

During the period of 1997 to 2007, I worked on a number of projects in both academic institutes and industrial companies including:

  1. OpenSL ES (Led by Creative, jointly with other Khronos Group's member companies, such as Nokia, Samsung, Beatnik, Sonaptic, NVIDIA, Symbian, Texas Instruments, Ericsson, etc.)

  2. 3D Positional Audio for Mobile Devices (Sensaura, Creative Technology Ltd)

  3. Video Encoder/Decoder for SSEYO miniMIXA (Tao Group Ltd, jointly with Samsung Electronics Research Institute)

  4. Audio Distortion Generator for Intent Sound System (Tao Group Ltd)

  5. Floating/Fixed-Point Audio (Ogg Vorbis) Encoder/Decoder (Tao Group Ltd)

  6. Fixed-Point Pitch to MIDI Converter (Tao Group Ltd)

  7. Fixed-Point Sampling Rate Converter (Tao Group Ltd)

  8. Blind Signal Processing for Multichannel Speech Enhancement (initially with King's College London, then transferred to Cardiff University, jointly with Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing, RIKEN, Japan)

  9. Room Acoustics Parameters from Music (Cardiff University, jointly with Salford University and Manchester Metropolitan University)

  10. Video Assisted Speech Source Separation (Cardiff School of Engineering, jointly with Cardiff School of Computer Science)

  11. GPS/Celestial/Inertia Integrated Navigation System (Harbin Engineering University)

  12. Submarine Voyage Training Simulator (Harbin Engineering University, jointly with Qingdao Submarine Academy, and Jiujiang Branch of China State Shipbuilding Corp. )

  13. Electronic Chart Display and Information System (Harbin Engineering University)

  14. SCM Communication System by Carrier Wave (Harbin Engineering University)

Academic Activities

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