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Center for Vision Speech and Signal Processing
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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[07/2019] CVSSP audio team (Yin Cao, Turab Iqbal, Qiuqiang Kong, Miguel Blanco Galindo, Wenwu Wang and Mark Plumbley) did well in the DCASE 2019 Challenge Task 3 (Sound Event Localization and Detection). The team was ranked 2nd overall out of 23 teams, and the top academic team. More details can be found from here. See here for the paper that describes our proposed system, and here for source codes for implementing the system.

[05/2019] ICASSP 2024 will be held in Seoul, South Korea. I will serve as Tutorial Chair on the organising committee.

[05/2019] ICASSP 2019 was successfully held during 12-17 May, in Brighton, UK, with 3100+ attendees from all over the world. I served as Publication Chair on the organising committee.

[05/2019] Congratulations to Qiuqiang Kong for the acceptance by IJCAI 2019 of our paper "Single-Channel Signal Separation and Deconvolution with Generative Adversarial Networks". Acceptance rate this year: 850/4752 = 17.9%. IJCAI is a flagship conference in AI, along with NIPS and AAAI.

[05/2019] Congratulations to Yang Liu for being nominated for Best Student Paper Award on IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2019), Brighton, UK, for our paper: Y. Liu, Q. Hu, Y. Zou, and W. Wang, "Labelled non-zero particle flow for SMC-PHD filtering". [PDF]

[01/2019] Appointed Senior Area Editor (2019-) for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. TSP is the flagship journal in the area of signal processing.

[11/2018] Plenary talk on the 7th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing, November 28-30, 2018, Sanya, China.

[11/2018] Awarded a Guest Professor by Qingdao University of Science and Techonology, China.

[11/2018] Keynote talk on the 6th China Conference on Sound and Music Technology, November 24-26, 2018, Xiamen, China.

[11/2018] Congratulations to Turab Iqbal for being awarded the CVSSP Outstanding First Year PhD.

[10/2018] Invited to give a keynote talk on the International Conference on Digital Image and Signal Processing, April 29-30, 2019, Oxford, UK.

[08/2018] Keynote talk on the China Computer Federation (CCF) Workshop on Sparse Representation and Deep Learning, Shenzhen, China.

[08/2018] We finished on the 3rd place among the 558 teams worldwide who participated the Kaggle "Freesound General-Purpose Audio Tagging Challenge" (Can you automatically recognize sounds from a wide range of real-world environments?). Congratulations to Turab Iqbal and Qiuqiang Kong for this great achievement. See here for the competition results, and here for the paper that describes our proposed system. Read the university press release here.

[07/2018] Best Student Paper Award on the 14th International Conference on Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation (LVA/ICA 2018). Congratulations to Lucas Rencker. Paper: Consistent dictionary learning for signal declipping. The Matlab codes can be found from Lucas Rencker's Github page or personal page. Read the university news here.

[06/2018] Invited seminar at Oxford University, Machine Learning Group, "Deep learning for audio classification".

[12/2017] Plenary talk on 3rd Intelligent Signal Processing Conference, London.

[11/2017] Plenary talk in Alan Turing Institute, Workshop on Data Science and Signal Processing.

[09/2017] CVSSP audio team (Yong Xu, Qiuqiang Kong, Wenwu Wang and Mark D. Plumbley) won the 1st prize on the DCASE2017 Challenge for the task "large-scale weakly supervised sound event detection for smart cars"!. DCASE 2017 challenge is organized by TUT, CMU and INRIA, sponsored by Google and Audio Analytic. The CVSSP team submitted four systems to the audio tagging sub-task, which took all the top four places on the result table, among the 31 systems submitted by a number of organisations. CVSSP's system is also ranked at the 3rd place in the sound event detection subtask, among 17 systems. The competitors include CMU, New York University, Bosch, USC, TUT, Singapore A*Star, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul National University, National Taiwan university, etc. More details about the systems we submitted can be found from here. The competition results can be found from here. Read the university news here.

[02/2017] CVSSP awarded a £1.5M five-year EPSRC platform grant entitled "Audio-Visual Media Research". The project is led by Prof Adrian Hilton with co-investigators including Mark Plumbley, Josef Kittler, Wenwu Wang, John Collomosse, Philip Jackson, and Jean-Yves Guillemaut.

[11/2016] Congratulations to Lucas Rencker for winning the CVSSP Directors Award for Outstanding First Year PhD Performance after his PhD confirmation on "Sparse representations for audio restoration and inpainting".

[10/2016] S3A and BBC Research have won the TVB Europe Award for Best Achievement in Sound for "The Turning Forest" VR sound experience using the spatial audio Radio Drama produced in S3A integrated into an immersive audio-visual experience by the BBC. The award was made at the European TV Industry awards last night, with S3A winning against entries from Britain's Got Talent, Sky's the Five and BBC TV Programme coverage. More details can be found from here.

[10/2015] Awarded a €2.98M three-year EC Horizon 2020 grant entitled "ACE-CReAte: Audio Commons - an Ecosystem for Creative Use of Audio Contents". The project is led by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), in collaboration with University of Surrey, Queen Mary University of London, Jamendo SA (LU), AudioGaming (France), and Waves Audio Ltd (Ireland). Surrey team is composed of Prof Mark Plumbley (PI), Dr Wenwu Wang, Dr Tim Brookes (Institute of Sound Recording), and Dr David Plans (School of Business).

[09/2015] Awarded a £1.3M three-year EPSRC grant entitled "Making Sense of Sounds". The project is led by University of Surrey, in collaboration with University of Salford. Surrey team is composed of Prof Mark Plumbley (Lead and PI of the whole project), Dr Wenwu Wang, Dr Philip Jackson, and Prof David Frohlich (Digital World Research Centre).

[03/2014] Congratulations to Jing Dong for winning the IEEE Signal Processing Society Travel Grant to attend the ICASSP 2014 conference in Florence, Italy.

[01/2014] We were delighted to see that Figure 6 of our paper below was shown on the front page of IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing: Q. Liu, W. Wang, P. Jackson, M. Barnard, J. Kittler, and J.A. Chambers, "Source Separation of Convolutive and Noisy Mixtures using Audio-Visual Dictionary Learning and Probabilistic Time-Frequency Masking", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 61, no. 22, pp. 5520-5535, 2013. [PDF]

[10/2013] Congratulations to Volkan Kilic for winning the CVSSP Directors Award for Outstanding Performance in the First Year of his PhD. Research topic: Audio-visual tracking of multiple moving speakers.

[10/2013] Awarded an industrial project entitled "Enhancing Speech Quality Using Lip Tracking" by Samsung Electronics Research Institute (UK).

[09/2013] Awarded a £5.4M (FEC: £6.5M) five-year EPSRC programme grant entitled "S3A: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home". The project is led by University of Surrey, in collaboration with University of Southampton, University of Salford and BBC. Surrey team is composed of Prof Adrian Hilton (Lead and PI of the whole program), Dr Philip Jackson, Dr Wenwu Wang and Dr Tim Brookes (Institute of Sound Recording).

[03/2013] IEEE Signal Processing Society Travel Grant. Congratulations to Volkan Kilic for winning this competitive award for attending the ICASSP 2013 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

[12/2012] Awarded a £4.4M (FEC) five-year project supported by the EPSRC and Dstl entitled "Signal Processing Solutions for the Networked Battlespace". Our consortium, as part of the Phase II of the UDRC in Signal Processing, is composed of Loughborough, Surrey, Strathclyde and Cardiff (LSSC) universities, as well as six industry partners QinetiQ, Selex-Galileo, Thales, Texas Instruments, PrismTech and Steepest Ascent. Surrey team is composed of Dr Wenwu Wang (PI), Prof Josef Kittler and Dr Philip Jackson.

[09/2012] Best Solution Award on the DSTL Challenge Workshop for the signal processing challenge "Undersampled Signal Recognition", announced on the SSPD 2012 conference, London, September 25-27, 2012. Congratulations to Qingju Liu for this achievement.

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