VLSI Design and Embedded Systems Research Group

The activities of the VLSI Systems Research Group are related to efficient system design involving front-edge micro- and nano- technologies, advanced software development and biologically inspired artificial intelligence techniques. The research topics covered by the group are as follows:

- System-on-a-chip design - FPGAs & ASICs
- Reconfigurable computing
- Algorithms and structures for efficient data and image processing on board satellites
- Intelligent systems for on-board data processing and control
- Connectivity, networking, and distributed computing in space-based wireless sensor networks

The current research activities can be grouped in four streams as below:

1. Very small satellite design for space sensor networks:
- Reconfigurable system-on-a-chip platform for satellite on-board computing
- Satellite-on-a-printed-circuit-board
- Satellite-on-a-chip design
- Pico-satellite design using the CubeSat platform

2. Space-based wireless sensor networks:
- Distributed computing in satellite clusters
- Intersatellite links using wireless protocols
- Power-aware routing

3. Intelligent processing of multispectral images on board satellites:
- Automatic registration and change detection
- Fault-tolerant encryption
- Lossy and lossless compression

4. Hardware acceleration of computationally intensive algorithms:
Image compression
- Encryption
- Image Registration


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