Current and Past PhD Students:


Name Project Title Completion Date
Chafik Egho "Design of Low-Power Multifunctional System-on-a-Chip Based On-Board Controllers" October 2012
Rizuan Mat Noor "Hyperspectral Compression on Board Satellites" December 2011
Saad A. Malik "Inter-Satellite Communication in Space Based Sensor Networks" October 2011
Jean R. Paul "Wireless Communication Platform for Inter-Satellite Connectivity" April 2010
Christopher P. Bridges "Agent Computing Platform for Distributed Satellite Systems" November 2009
Guoxia Yu "On-Board Real-Time Image Compression for Earth Observation Satellites" May 2009

Abdul-Halim Jallad

"Space-Based Wireless Sensor Networks"

October 2008

David J. Barnhart "Very Small Satellite Design for Space Sensor Networks" May 2008

Siti Sophiayati Yuhaniz

"Intelligent Image Processing on Board Small Earth Observation Satellites"

May 2008

Kawsu Sidibeh

"Adaptation of the IEEE 802.11 Protocol for Inter-Satellite Links in LEO Satellite Networks"

April 2008

Roohi Banu

"Satellite On-Board Encryption"

October 2007

Daixun Zheng

"Reconfigurable System-on-a-Chip Based Platform for On-Board Computing"

June 2005

Sofiane Atek

"Lossless Compression for On-Board Satellite Imaging "

April 2004

Abdelwahab Chikouche

"Implementation of On-Board Watermarking for Satellite Images"

February 2004

Peter Saddington

"Adaptive Resonance Theory: Theory and Application to Synthetic Aperture Radar"

April 2003

Ivan Grech

"Analogue VLSI Implementation of a 2-D Sound Localisation System"

April 2002

Anthony R. Burton

"A Hybrid Neuro-Genetic Pattern Evolution System Applied to Musical Composition"

July 1998

Carlos Ramirez-Rodruguez

"Fuzzy-Neural Networks for Classification Problems with Uncertain Data Input"

January 1997


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