Surrey Space Centre Guest Lecture Series 2010


N Date I/E Speaker Title Slides Status
1 29 March E Prof Larry Pinksy "Humans In Space: Radiation Issue" - Physics Department, University of Houston   D
2 13 April E Professor Tie-Jun Cui "Review of Some Transformation-Optics and Illusion-Optics Devices Made of Metamaterials" - Southeast University, China   D
3 19 July E Prof. Jiadong Xu "Antenna and Microwave Research" - Northwestern Polytechnical University, China   D
4 19 October E Dr. Peter J. Mouginis-Mark "Current and Future Planetary Geology Studies on Mars and the Moon" - Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, University of Hawaii, USA   D
5 2 November E Prof. William SW Cheung "Creating Band-Notched Characteristic for Compact UWB Antennas" - HongKong University, China  


6 9 December I Dr Andreas Mogensen “The International Space Station and its Operations” - ESA   D
7 14 December E Dr Lucie Green "Living in the Atmosphere of the Sun" -Mullard Space Science Laboratory     D















D - done; C - confirmed; I - internal speaker; E - external speaker; Can - cancelled;BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes)  - presentation materials; PP - postponed