Surrey Space Centre Guest Lecture Series 2005


N Date I/E Speaker Title Slides Status
1 18 Jan E Dr Martin Wooster Fire Radiative Energy - a New Remote Sensing Technique to Support Biomass Burning Emissions Estimation - King's College, London   D
2 8 Feb E Dr Clive Oppenheimer Volcanic Gas Chemistry: Measurements, Models and Mysteries - University of Cambridge   D
3 22 Mar E Capt. David Barnhart EyasSAT - Transforming the Way Students Experience Space Systems Engineering - US AF Academy   D
4 24 May I Mounir Adjrad UK-DMC GPS Reflectometry Experiment: Measurements and Validation - SSC   D
5 2 June E Prof Carl D. Murray Results from the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn - Queen Mary, University of London   D
6 20 June E Prof Trevor C. Sorensen Trailblazer - a University Nanosatellite Mission for Testing Rapid-Response Small Satellite Technologies in Low Earth Orbit - University of Kansas, US   D
7 28 June E Dr Yahya Zweiri and
Dr Kaspar Althoefer

Modelling and Estimation of Terrain Interactions of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles - King's College, London   D
8 12 July I Dr Stuart Eves The Role of Space in the Gulf Conflicts - SSTL   D
9 26 July I Dr Yang Gao Biologically-inspired Penetration/Drilling/Sampling System for in-situ Astrobiological Studies - SSC   D
10 9 Aug E Dr I. M. Dharmadasa Recent Developments of Solid State Photovoltaic Solar Cells - Sheffield Hallam University   D
11 13 Sept E Prof Glen J. White Exoplanets - Future European and UK Initiatives - Open University   D
12 27 Sept E Mr David Ahford Spaceflight Revolution - Bristol Spaceplanes   D
13 4 Oct I Dr Jinming Ma Point & Image Data Fusion for Target Signature Detection in Clutter - SSC
14 11 Oct E Prof JulianVincent Simple, Reliable and Biomimetic - University of Bath   D
15 18 Oct E Prof Andrew Dempster GNSS Activities at the University of New South Wales - University of NSW   D
16 8 Nov I Dr Chakravarthini Saaj Partnership for Public Awareness on the Science and Technology Behind Galileo - Europe's GPS - SSC   D
17 15 Nov E Dr Lloyd Wood Testing the Cisco Router in Orbit - Global Defense, Space and Security Group of Cisco Systems   D
18 29 Nov E Prof Mengu Cho
Spacecraft Environment Interaction Study at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan - KIT, Japan   D
19 7 Dec E Roland Weigand SEE Analysis and Mitigation for FPGA and Digital ASIC Devices - ESA BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes) D
20 13 Dec E Dr James Dick Space Surveillance with Optical Systems - Space Insight   D
21 16 Dec E Prof Alan Epstein High Thrust MEMS Bipropellant Liquid Rocket Engines - MIT, USA   D
    E Joel Le Mauff New Developments in the Aerospace & Defence Sector of XILINX - XILINX Ltd.   PP
    I Dr Arnaud Lecuyot Microcells for Metastructures - Long-term applications of micro and nano technologies to large structures in space - SSTL   PP
    E Prof Phil Husbands Genetically Evolved Neural Network Controlled Robots   PP
    E Prof Ian Postlethwaite Robust Control and its Applications to Aerospace - University of Leicester   PP











































D - done; C - confirmed; I - internal speaker; E - external speaker; Can - cancelled;BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes)  - presentation materials; PP - postponed