Surrey Space Centre Guest Lecture Series 2004


N Date I/E Speaker Title Slides Status
1 20 Jan E Dr Tughrul Arslan Reconfigurable and Telecommunication Architectures for Space and Biomedicine - University of Edinburgh   D
2 22 Jan E Prof Jeffrey Gordon Solar Photonics for High-Flux Applications - Ben-Gurion University, Negev, Israel   D
3 3 Feb E Dr David Robson Evolutionary Directions for Telecommunications Satellite Payloads - Astrium   D
4 17 Feb I Phil Davies DMC - Satellite Design and Operational Concept - SSTL BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes) D
5 3 Mar E Prof Lars Stenmark Micro/Nano Technology for Implementation of Small Spacecraft - Uppsala University, Sweden   D
6 27 April I Dr Stuart Eves Exploring the Planets - SSTL   D
7 25 May E Dr Don Pollacco Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) - Queen's University Belfast   D
8 21 Sept I Paul Stephens Constellations for operational EO. Development of the DMC and follow-on constellations - SSTL   D
9 1 Nov E Dr Norman Morrison Satellite Orbital Parameter Refinement - University of Cape Town   D
10 9 Nov E Stephen McCann Wireless Communications for Satellites - Roke Manor Research Ltd   D
11 16 Nov E Dr John W. Garnham Systems Engineering Issues for Microsatellite Clusters - SAIC/USAF   D
12 30 Nov E Prof Tony Pratt The Galileo Satellite System - University of Nottingham   D
13 14 Dec   Dr Jozef van der Ha The CONTOUR Discovery Mission - Objectives, Design, Operations, and Loss   D
    I Andy Phipps Venus Mission Study Overview - SSTL   PP
    I Andy Phipps Earth Re-Entry Vehicle Study (part of ESA's Aurora Programme) - SSTL   PP

























D - done; C - confirmed; N - not planned; I - internal speaker; E - external speaker; Can - cancelled;BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes)  - presentation materials; PP - postponed