Surrey Space Centre Guest Lecture Series 2001

N Date I/E



Slides Status
1 23 Jan I Prof Mike J. Underhill HF SAR on a Satellite? - School of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics, UniS   D
2 13 Feb I Dr Apostolos Christou Interplanetary Trajectories: Theory and Practice - SSC   D
3 27 Feb E Prof Heiko Schroder Fault-Tolerant Meshes On-Board Satellites and Reconfigurable Meshes on the Ground - NTU, Singapore   D
4 20 Mar E Prof Don Bouldin Creating and Exploiting Reusable Designs - University of Tennessee, USA

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5 30 Mar


E Dr Peter Bainum A Strategy for Maintaining Constant Distance Between Satellites in an Elliptically Orbiting Constellation - Howard University, USA   D


6 30 Mar E Dr Leslie Deutch JPL Technology For Small Space Missions - JPL, USA

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7 10 Apr E Mr Bob Parkinson Making Opportunities for Small Satellite Lauches - Space Infrastructure Division ASTRIUM

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8 24 Apr E Dr Richard Crowther The Hazards Presented By Space-to-Space Vehicles, Astronauts and to People on the Earth - DERA   D
9 8 May I Mr Andy Phipps Surrey Missions Beyond Low Earth Orbit - To the Moon and Beyond - SSTL   D
10 24 May E Mr John Oberright Nanosat Systems Architecture and Future Applications - NASA, GSFC   D
11 1 June E Dr Stewart Nozette The Clementine Lunar Mission: A Science Perspective - Naval Research Labs, Washington   D
12 12 June E Prof Carl Murray 2004: A Saturn Odyssey - The Cassini Mission - Queen Mary and Westfield College   D
13 26 June E Dr John Dowson Beagle2: The Engineering of a Mission to Mars   - University of Leicester Space Research Centre 

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14 24 July I Dr Herman Steyn In-orbit ADCS Results and Achievements on SSTL Nano to Minisatellites - SSTL

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15 14 Aug I Dr Shufan Wu In-Orbit Calibration Experiments of the Sun Sensors and Thrusters on UoSAT-12 - SSC   Can
16 11 Sep E David Offiler Satellite Active Remote Sensing for Numerical Weather Prediction - Met Office   D
17 2 Oct E Dr Trevor Sorensen In Quest of Mission Success - The Clementine Mission - University of Kansas   D
18 9 Oct E Dave Beardsen Aerospace Corporation Research   Can
19 23 Oct E Dr Chris Whitford CATSAT: NASA' Flirtation with Small Satellites - Astrium and Martin Baker Aircraft   D
20 30 Oct I Alex da Silva Curiel Review of the Utah Small Satellite Conference - SSTL   D
21 13 Nov E Prof Chris Rapley British Antarctic Survey Projects   D
22 16 Nov E LtCol Dr Jerry Sellers The History and Future of the FalconSat Programme - US AF   D

D - done; C - confirmed; N - not planned; I - internal speaker; E - external speaker; Can - cancelled;BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes)  - presentation materials;

PP - postponed