Surrey Space Centre Guest Lecture Series 2000

N Date I/E Speaker Title Slides
1 11 Jan I Dr Craig I. Underwood Detecting the Invisible - Scientific and Environmental Remote Sensing at Surrey - SSC  
2 8 Feb I Dr Gordon Jolly GANDER - SOS, Godalming  
3 22 Feb E Dr Terry Moore Precise Orbit Determination and GPS - IESSG, University of Nottingham  
4 14 Mar E Mr Sandi Habinc The ESA Microelectronics Programme – Past, Present and Future -  ESA  
5 28 Mar I Dr Martin Unwin Surrey Space Gadgets: The GPS ReceiverSSTL  
6 11 Apr E Dr Jozef van der Ha Smallsats & Traditional Satellites: What’s Different? - JHU/APL  
7 9 May I Dr Tim Lawrence The United States Air Force’s European Office of Aerospace Research and Development and its Space Technology Program - EOARD  
8 16 May


E Dr John V.  Shebalin International Space Station (ISS) - Research Mission Management Office, ISS Payloads Office, Johnson Space Centre, Houston.  
9 23 May E Prof Colin  T. Pillinger Beagle 2 project - a lander dedicated to exobiology and geochemistry on ESA's Mars Express Mission - Planetary Sciences Research Institute, Open University  
10 13 June I Dr Craig I. Underwood SNAP-1: The UK’s First Nanosatellite - SSC  
11 27 June E S.L. Derek Clark Surveilance from Space -  RAF College Cranwell  
12 11 July I Mr Max Meerman The History and Current Development of SSTL Microsatellites -  SSTL  
13 25 July E Dr Desmond King-Hele 35 Years Working on Space Research at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Farnborough  
14 8 Aug E Mr Richard Katz The Failure of a Small Satellite and the Loss of a Space Science Mission -  NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre BS00877A1.gif (1713 bytes)
15 12 Sep I Mr Andy Currie The Launch Integration Activities of Tsinghua and SNAP  - SSTL  
16 26 Sep E Flt Lt  Rory Kerr Modern RadarAir Warfare Centre, Cranwell Can
17 24 Oct E Prof Peter Daly Decoding, Interpreting and Exploiting Signals from GLONASS -  Institute of Satellite Navigation, University of Leeds  
18 14 Nov I Dr Stephen Hodgart Beyond Kalman Filtering? The Fading Gaussian Deterministic Estimator - SSC  
19 28 Nov E Dr Andrew Coates Use of Small Satellites for Space Plasma Physics - Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), UCL  
20 5 Dec I Mr David Gibbon Propulsion at Surrey - past, present and future SSTL  
21 12 Dec I Dr Jeff Ward The Twenty First Century Challenge - Introduction to SSTL Strategy - SSTL  

D - done; C – confirmed; N – not planned; I – internal speaker; E – external speaker; Can - cancelled