“Medical and Human Applications of Astronaut Training Techniques”


These activities were initiated in 1995, with the first experiments of Buoyancy EVAs for myopathic children. When the Doctors were involved, during the following years, the original interest for mobility progressively moved to reeducation. Now, Dr Cochet's regular activity has allowed partial gravity walk and other motions which will be showed in a film. In 2005, a PhD was launched, dealing with the global dynamic modelling of equilibrium in internal ear. This lead on one hand to reeducation protocols and ZeroG experiments, and on the other hand to the cooperation (2008) with MIT for integrated simulation. It is also necessary to note that some handicapped people involved in these R&D projects were also invited to participate in para-
space training activities such as aerobatic flights, para-dive and experiments in arctic sites for long flight preparations. These activities will also be shown.