Development Activities in Electric Propulsion at IRS


Georg Herdrich

The talk concentrates on the executed research fields at IRS with particular emphasis on the Department of Space Transportation.

Besides the development and research programs in the area of electric space propulsion where both low power thrusters such as PPTs and thermal arcjets and high power steady state Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters are discussed, research in the field of numerical and experimental aerothermodynamics will be presented. This will be motivated by the historical development as the facilities that are now used as plasma wind tunnels have their origin in the development of steady state high power thrusters. It evident that the all the work has to be accompanied with modelling and in-flight investigations. The potential of some of the technologies to be used as spin-off or for technology transfer will be outlined.

With the talk a mixture between programmatic approach and research is attempted. However, this is motivated due to the arising cooperation between the University of Surrey / SSC and IRS and shall enable a simplified assessment of future collaboration themes.