"Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control - An Output Feedback Approach"


The sliding mode control is perhaps the best known effective robust control technique. Its development and main results have been reported since 1960. The simplicity in the design and the ability to reject matched disturbances are two main advantages of SMC. The matched disturbances represent parametric uncertainties and external disturbances that enter through the input channel. Most of the results on SMC is based on state feedback. State feedback based design of SMC assumes that all the plant states are directly available for measurement. One of the solutions is to use observer. The observer based design may not be always robust. Also it adds additional complexity in the overall system. Another approach to overcome the observer based approach is to use output feedback design method.

In this talk a new approach for output feedback based sliding mode control will be discussed. It will be shown for all controllable and observable systems states can be observed by a multirate observation of output signal. Finally a few applications of sliding mode control will be discussed.