Applying Advanced Systems Engineering Modeling Tools to Space Mission Design, Verification and Validation


Typical space missions will use a variety of ad hoc tools throughout their lifecycle to manage requirements, define detailed functions, capture system configuration and define and implement system verification activities. Of these processes, verification and validation (V&V) planning most often get "put off" until relatively late in the program. Often requireing last minute impacts to design requirements, budgets and schdules. Recently, NASA approached Teaching Science & Technology Inc. (TSTI) to develop a dedicated short course on system V&V. This lecture will present results of defining rigorous SE processes and tools--specifically the CORE SE tools--that include V&V activities as they apply to an example system of interest: EyasSat. Applications of this tool to another TSTI Mars Mission Design course will also be presented. Time permitting, the lecture will conclude with a brief update on the current NASA Exploration Initiative.