"Spacecraft Environment Interaction Study at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan"


Spacecraft must endure extremely harsh environment made of space plasma, hyper-velocity particles, radiation, ultraviolet ray, atomic oxygen, vacuum, thermal cycles and so on. Even if components break down, it is usually impossible to repair. Therefore, we are often required to test spacecraft thoroughly before its launch. Kyushu Institute of Technology inaugurated Laboratory of Spacecraft Environmental Interaction Engineering (LaSEINE) in December 2004. At LaSEINE we carry out research and development of spacecraft charging, hypervelocity impact, material degradation and other space environment related fields. LaSEINE has been responsible for electrostatic discharge test of Japanese satellites since 1999 including Hayabusa interplanetary probe and played a key role in Japanese research activities in the field of spacecraft environmental interaction. At the seminar, review on spacecraft environment interaction will be made with emphasis on ground simulation techniques, Japanese research activities and it role in international collaboration.