Modelling and Estimation of Terrain Interactions of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles


During this talk, we will introduce novel techniques to identify soil parameters while traversing with a tracked/wheeled unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) on an unknown terrain employing vehicle-terrain interaction dynamics models. This talk will discuss different approaches to estimate soil parameters, such as cohesion, shear deformation modulus, and shear deformation modulus. The emphasis of the conducted research is on using physics-based models for the estimation of soil properties and the influence of the ground on the vehicle in real-time. One of the main aims of this work is to employ the knowledge of the vehicle-terrain interaction for the prediction of optimal tractive force, traversibility prognosis in unknown terrain as well as real-time adaptation of motion trajectories and potentially vehicle design optimisation. The new approach has also been applied to the problem of tool-soil interaction in the context of excavation.