Partnership for public awareness on the science and technology behind Galileo - Europe's GPS


The Surrey Space Centre and the IESSG at the University of Nottingham along with other industrial and institutional partners are currently working on an EPSRC funded project to raise public awareness of satellite positioning in general and more specifically on Galileo-Europe's GPS system. We aim to stimulate the public's interest in our research on satellite navigation and inspire future generation of researchers by exploring questions such as "what is Galileo?", "what is the science behind this exciting new development?", "how are UK academic and industrial groups leading the world in the development of the new SatNav system?" and "how will it benefit me?". The first half of this presentation will cover both present and past public engagement activities that have been conducted over the last seven months including the 'Access: Galileo' exhibit at the National Space Centre. The second half of this talk would include an overview of other research activities by Dr. C. M. Saaj including Martian rover and aerobot technology and propellant-less propulsion for satellite formation flying.