Constellations for operational EO. Development of the DMC and follow-on constellations.
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The Disaster Monitoring Constellation was designed as a proof of concept constellation designed to be capable of multispectral imaging of any part of the world every day. Although its headline objective is to support the logistics of disaster relief, its main function is to provide independent daily imaging capability to the partner nations; Algeria, Nigeria, Turkey, UK and China. The first 4 satellites are now in orbit and the 5th is in construction at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., UK.

The availability of medium resolution multispectral imagery at a GSD of 32 metres with the unique capabilities of 600km wide swath and daily revisit has generated considerable interest in sections of the remote sensing community.

Although the low cost DMC satellites were not designed to deliver highly calibrated images, evaluation of data for appropriate applications has elicited a positive feedback from end-users. SSTL is now implementing systems to service the commercial demand, and planning for data continuity

With SSTL's DMC satellites now providing data, the next constellation is already under construction for RapidEye. The 5 satellites are designed to provide 8metre 6-band multispectral coverage for precision agriculture applications. A high resolution constellation is also on the horizon to provide daily 2.5metre imaging.

This presentation will review the current status of these EO constellations and discuss the opportunities for applications of high temporal resolution data.