The Universe Unveiled with the Hubble Space Telescope

Dr Robin Catchpole

Senior Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich


After   a  brief  introduction to    the  working of  the  Hubble  Space Telescope we will embark on a tour through the universe. Starting with planets in our Solar System, we will then move out into our Galaxy and follow the birth and death of stars.  Beyond our Galaxy lie many clusters of galaxies. The closest are being observed by the Hubble Telescope to determine the age and size of the Universe.   Further away, we will see collisions between galaxies, galaxies with black holes, distant sources of gamma rays and gravitational lenses, which tell us that 90 percent of the mass of the Universe is made of unknown dark matter.  Finally, we will look at the  deepest and faintest optical image of the Universe ever obtained.  This  image looks so deep in space and so far back in time, that we see the Universe when it was one tenth of its present age.