Prof. Mike Underhill is our first guest speaker in the New Year. He will present a lecture entitled "HF SAR on a Satellite?" on the 23rd of January, Tuesday, at 11 am in the Seminar room U13/U15. Please, find enclosed an abstract of the lecture.


The surface of a planet or its moons has never been viewed from a satellite as a radar picture using the HF frequencies between 21.5 and 30 MHz. The ionosphere of the earth has been sounded from a numbered HF, ‘topside sounder’ satellites (as reported in David Palmer’s PhD thesis). But an HF radar picture of the topside of the ionosphere has not been achieved.

The purpose of this lecture is to put forward a novel Synthetic Aperture Radar Technique based on David Palmer’s original work and subsequent extensions by myself and Mei Lee Quah. The proposed Underhill-Quah algorithm would appear to be suitable for achieving the desired good of putting a useful HF SAR in a micro or mini satellite.

Some preliminary indications of the kind of HF radar picture resolution that could be expected will be explored in the lecture.