The presentation discusses the significance of entropy in the telecommunications environment and raises questions about the human role in the propogation and self fulfillment of physical laws. At the end of a tortured argument the speaker finds an important new role that may be played by the very small satellite. The end is then referred back to the beginning.

Confused? Perhaps so is the speaker.

Come find out!


A note from Dr Jeff Ward:

Although it may not be clear from Jan's enigmatic description of his presentation, he is one of the world's most experienced small satellite builders. He was one of the early mentors to Martin Sweeting and the UoSAT program--instrumental to both the UoSAT-1 and UoSAT-2 missions. His engineering involvement with AMSAT spans from the 10-kg microsat series to the 300+ kg Phase-3 satellites. In his present position as VP Engineering for SpaceDev, he is designing low-cost missions for the Moon, Mars and the asteroids. Throughout this work, he has developed and advocated the low-cost engineering methods that are at the centre of "how we do things around here."

I'm sure you will find his presentation interesting and thought provoking.