"Microengineering Space Systems" - the 2nd of November, Tuesday, at 11 am in the Seminar room


Microengineering is defined here as an interdisciplinary subject made possible by the ability to cofabricate microelectronics with sensors and actuators, using design rules that currently approach the submicron scale but will inevitably reach the nanometer scale in the not too distant future.

Microsystems or MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology use microengineering principles to impart "intelligence", "volition" and "motility" to systems on the miniature scale. The significant development in microsystems technology, within a span of 15 years, makes possible the re-evaluation of how space systems ought to be designed, engineered and assembled. The presentation will give an overview of current trends in the US space/aerospace community using examples of specific microsystems and technologies that enable the miniaturization of space systems.