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I have been working as a senior research fellow at the University of Surrey since 2009 and from March 2013 to April 2014 I have also worked in the Machine Learning group at the University of Sheffield. Previously, I have worked in the research laboratories of Xerox, Microsoft and Sharp. I completed my DPhil in 2006 at the University of Oxford and my award winning MPhil thesis at the University of Sao Paulo, in 2001.
My research interests include a wide range of computer vision applications, and my current focus include transfer learning, anomaly detection, information fusion and head tracking for spatial audio.
I regularly review papers for CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NIPS and BMVC, among other top vision conferences and journals.

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Here are some links to my publications:


Here is a list of people who work or had worked under my (co-)supervision:


(showing the period in which I have been involved, not the duration of the project as a whole):

Relevant activities I've been involved with recently:



Head/Face Tracking

Here a some demos that I made to evaluate other people's head/face trackers

3D Trackers from my PhD

ACASVA project videos

In the video below, I present a short summary of some of the main aspects of this project:

The video below demonstrates tracking, court detection, homography computation and event detection:

Here is another video, showing the annotation tool that I have developed:

Images as sets of locally weighted features

Follow this link for a talk I presented at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, 2010.

(Fig. 6 of US 2010/0189354)
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