University of Surrey Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship

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Welcome to the homepage of the University of Surrey Staff and Postgraduate Christian Fellowship (SPCF). This page is here to give you an introduction to the purpose of the fellowship and detail our upcoming activities.

The SPCF is a voluntary group run by staff and postgraduates at the University of Surrey for staff and postgraduates. It exists as a place for Christians to meet together on the campus during the week in fellowship while those with interest in Christianity for whatever reason are also welcome to attend.


Meetings are being held semetser 1 2018/19 as follows on Thursdays from 1310-1350. People are welcome to bring their sandwiches to a meeting if they have no opportunity to eat lunch before or after meetings.

We plan to run our meetings based on giving the first part to reading and discussing some scripture in relation to the work place, while giving the other part to prayer arising from it.

N/AThursday 20th September06AC03
1Thursday 4th October29AP02
3Thursday 10th October29AP02
5Thursday 1st November29AP02
7Thursday 15th November29AP02
9Thursday 29th November29AP02
10Thursday 6th December29AP02
12Thursday 10th January29AP02
15Thursday 31st January29AP02

Information about forthcoming meetings as well as reminders about meetings is posted every one to two weeks in a round robin email. If you wish to join the list, please email

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