Star Trek: The Next Generation Has Moved


The Science Fiction Guides, hosted on the Web server of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Surrey, have been reorganised slightly. On Monday 20th March, we replaced our trusty but overloaded Web server (a Sun SS2 with Solaris 2.3) with a brand new Sun SS10 model 41 running Solaris 2.4.

We took the opportunity to have an internal reorganization of the structure of our Web server, and as part of this, we have moved all the Science Fiction pages from /Personal/ into /Contrib/SciFi/. Each series, such as Star Trek or Dr Who or Blakes 7, now has a separate directory under /Contrib/SciFi.

We'd be greatly obliged if you could change any pointers to this page (whether in hot links or in HTML documents that you own) to the new URL shown below, to enable us to delete this placeholder document sometime soon. If you got here through someone else's page, please mail them asking them to update their link.

Please don't just "live with the broken link" by clicking here - fix the document that points here!

Our apologies for the inconvenience. &
28th March 1995