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Computers and Programming 1: The C Language (EEE1030)

This course runs in Semester 2, and is mandatory for most first year Electronic Engineering students. The course introduces students to the basics of computer programming using the C language. Assessment is entirely via coursework, and I am in charge of the automated assessment system. I also deliver a number of lectures relating to the coursework, and run half of the laboratory sessions. The remainder of the labs and lectures are delivered by Prof. Richard Bowden).

Object Oriented Programming and C++ (EEE3013)

This is a final year course running in Semester 1. The course builds on the initial programming experience from modules such as EEE1030, but looks more at the software design aspects and how object oriented design can improve coding in teams or on long running projects. I'm in charge of the tutorial sessions for this module.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (EEE3032)

This is a final year Semester 2 course available to all Elec. Eng. students and some from Computer Science and Maths. The course introduces the concepts of computer vision and pattern recognition. This is an area of rapidly growing interest in academia and industry, with heavy investment from companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The course has been nominated for the Tony Jeans "inspirational teaching" award multiple times, and regularly receives full MEQ scores. The course includes supervised practical lab work, and is partially assessed via coursework. In brief, the topics that the course looks at are:

[1] Introduction to Computer Vision

[2-3] Image Processing

[4-7] Pattern Classification

[8-11] Features and Matching

[12-14] Shape Representation

[15-19] Tracking

[20-23] Contours Models

[24-30] Cameras and Multi-view Geometry

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