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C++ and Object Oriented Design (EEE2047)

This is an optional second year course running in Semester 2. The course builds on the initial programming experience from modules such as EEE1030, but looks more at the software design aspects and how object oriented design can improve coding in teams or on long running projects. It also teaches the syntax of Object Oriented Programming in C++, which is currently the de-facto industry standard programming language. If you are considering a placement involving software development, knowledge of C++ is likely to be very useful.

Robotics (EEE3043)

This module is delivered by myself, Prof. Richard Bowden & Dr. Oscar Mendez. The module takes a system level approach to robotics, exploring the various interacting subsystems necessary to produce a working autonomous robotic system. There is a heavy practical element to the learning and assessment, with student's implementing the taught theories within the Robot Operating System (ROS) in both simulation, and real robots.

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