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Mathias: Mathematics in Animation Suite,

This is a suite of Discrete mathematics rules in Prolog for program transformation. Mathias is the ftp directory for the "Mathias" (Mathematics in Animation Suite) Prolog software, advice on using it to animate Z, and other formal methods with a complete text version of the manual [340K of text with index and keywords lists] also available on-line in the system, and downloadable versions of the software for the Versions of mathias for other Prolog systems are available: but Mathias versions for these systems are no longer maintained.

Although originally designed for animating formal specifications especially "Z", Mathias can generate and count many Combinatorial objects and is therefore a useful "calculator" for combinatorics teaching, for number theory and solving mathematical puzzles and has some interesting rules for functional programming in Prolog and program transformation.

The Mathias Manual contains a section on Functionals which is about functional programming in Prolog, its advantages and how it extends functional programing methods as well as Prolog rules which mean we can apply the Bird-Meerten program transformations from functional programming in Prolog.

Some references to papers on Suzan are available.

Hypercard stacks for Macintosh computers

Stacks (Binhexed - decompress with Stuffit Expander or Binhex) are available to illustrate
Dr Ron Knott

5 November 1998