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This interactive calculator page accompanies a full explanation of Continued Fractions.
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The Mathematical functions and constants available in the "Decimal" box are:
abs the absolute value (size) of a number abs(-3.9)=3.9
acos arc cosine acos(0.5)=1.047197551196598=60° in radians
asin arc sine asin(sqrt(3)/2)=1.047197551196598=60° in radians
atan arc tangent 4 * atan(1)=3.141592653589793=90°= Pi radians
ceil round up to the nearest integer ceil(-3.9)=-3,ceil(2.1)=3
cos cosine of an angle (in radians) cos(60*Pi/180)=0.5
E e e=2.718281828459045
exp e to the power of exp(1)=2.718281828459045
floor round down to the nearest integer floor(-3.9)=-4,floor(2.1)=2
log log to base e log(E)=1,log(sqrt(E))=0.5
Phi golden section Phi=1.618033988749895
phi golden section phi=0.618033988749895
Pi pi pi=3.141592653589793
pow pow(x,p) is xp pow(2,3)=8
random a random number between 0 and 1 random()=0.42190062543
round round to the nearest integer round(-3.9)=-4, round(3.9)=4
sin sine of an angle (in radians) sin(Pi/2)=1
sqrt square root sqrt(2)=1.414213562373095
tan tangent of an angle (in radians) tan(Pi/4)=1

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27 February 2004