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What you can see pictures of

Almost any scene I care to point my camera at. Most are historic houses, gardens and monuments in England with a few at the University of Surrey. Perhaps you were hoping for some exotic locations such as the pyramids, the Bahamas or the Rocky Mountains? Well, have I got a disapointment for you.

I take happy-snappies the same way everyone does but you are, however, spared Uncle Robert eating his Christmas dinner, the neighbour's cat doing silly things up a tree, or the family standing on the beach at Brighton. Not every home page, I'm sorry to say, has a baseline standard.

The photo I choose for each place is not always the most representative or informative but might instead be the least blurred, de-focused, under exposed or poorly composed (that doesn't leave many, sigh). Most of the places shown are open to the public.

The criterion, then, is whether the pic might be of interest or use to someone.

If your browser does JPEG and you have a fast link then you can click on most of the .GIF thumbnails to get a better look (between 50kb and 250Kb). If you would like any of the pics at higher resolution, or see others from the same locations, then let me know.

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Why show these photos?

Have you ever worked your way down to a home page simply to find that the only information it gives is "My name is, I work at the University of, my publications are, and my phone number is"? Irritates, doesn't it? You would rather leave the page having discovered that its owner has nothing to interest you than to have made the journey for nothing. Well, rest easy, you will soon find that there is nothing of interest here.

Well, OK, perhaps I could persuade anyone contemplating coming to England to study that there is more to this country than the pricy tourist traps of the Capital. Likewise, if you hail from one of the heathen tribes to the north of Watford you will see that Surrey is not just for stockbrokers.

Since the Web started, most of the material on it has only been a few months old. It's a new place and inhabited mostly by the typical Yoof of Today (links included unless I receive 20 quid by Thursday - they know who they are). Here is something for old foges as well.

I sell none of the pictures and would rather no one else did either. Landowners can remove a picture by mailing me.

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My photography

Before 1993 I had barely used any camera, and have owned an SLR only since 1995. Coming so late to the hobby, I got carried away - the quantity of the pictures far exceeding their quality >:-(
Consequently you may find some of those presented here are even more dreary than the average holiday snap.

It is said that if you sit a monkey down in front of a typewriter and let it press keys at random then eventually  the complete works of Shakespeare will be reproduced. In the same vein, if I take enough shots then sooner or later the photographic Hamlet might be captured. It's just a pity that you will have to wade through a lot of "h74lb js . ?fre%qv rzqp" to find it.

Of late, I've begun dabbling in macro work. See details of the setup.

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Technical Details

Some negatives were transfered first onto CDROM, others scanned in. As yet, there are no pics scanned from a print.

Using Adobe Photoshop most scans have been cleaned up for contrast and scratches. A few have been either heavily cropped, de-skewed or colour corrected. If I suspect that any individual identifiable may not wish to appear then they are electronically expunged. There is generaly no other funny business employed.

The images were at first optimised for viewing on a Macintosh; with the result that they looked horribly dingy on other machines. From 1998 onwards I cranked up the gamma to around 1.4. It could be a long while until I get round to fixing the old pics. If you view these on Other Platforms then you may need to increase mid-tone brightness (gamma). Try LVIEW, or just crank up the brightness control on your monitor.

Unless otherwise stated all pics were taken by me using an Olympus OM2SP on Kodak Gold 400 ISO film. In 2006 I aquired a digital camera: Casio EX-Z1000. The electronics in these things are improving; but the optics have yet to catch up.

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Photo Locations

Click on a county name to see it in more detail.

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