Richard's Photo Gallery - Woolbeding

Land at £20 an acre.

Thumbnail of view from 
Woolbeding Common Location Older Hill, Woolbeding, Sussex, OS Ref SU868262
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 +pl filt
Expose 1/125
Date 1997 August 9th.
A great view from around 200 metres up, but not much to see in this shot looking west. That, though, is the point. In 1821 the specified sum was paid for the site here used for a node on the London to Portsmouth semaphore line. Tom Holmes judged this node "... the most remote and inaccessible site of any!".

Part of the building still stands as does an avenue of chesnut trees planted by the first operators.

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Last modified: 1998 September 13th.