Richard's Photo Gallery - Pevensey

Location East Sussex, end of the A27 past Eastbourne.
Date 1995 August 16th.
Lens 28mm F2.8
Expose 1/500
In the 4th. century, when the shore line was over 1km further inland than today, this place was called Anderida . Here the Romans built a 10 acre 'Saxon Shore fort'. The immense perimeter walls are the only example to have a non-rectangular plan. During the medieval period an inner keep and moat was added. In fact, bits were still being tacked on in 1940 when it housed anti aircraft guns. A good audio tour of the remains is available.

Lens 28mm F2.8
Expose 1/500
The picture shows a 'demi culverin' made for the Civil War.

Pevensey has long represented something of a problem in the defense of Britain. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for the year 491 reads -

"In this year Ælle and Cissa besieged Andredescester [the Roman fort] and slew all the inhabitants; there was not even one Briton left there."
William the Conqueror landed here on 28th. September 1066 en-route to Battle. Or maybe not.

Lens 50mm F1.8
Expose 1/1000
Nearby Pevensy Bay has a sand/shingle beach and several 'Martello' towers built during the Napoleonic Wars. The walk there from the castle takes you across

Lens 28mm F2.8
Expose 1/500
the Pevensey Levels. Alright, I know this pic is a cliche but it does illustrate that the Levels are, er, well, level. The drought conditions of that day excepting, they are also wet;

Lens 500mm F8
Expose 1/250
which is OK with this family.

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