Richard's Photo Gallery - North Marden

Home of a node on the Net of 200 years ago.

Thumbnail of Marden Down Location North Marden, Sussex, OS Ref SU797158
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 @F8 +pl filt
Expose 1/500
Date 1997 August 2nd.
The line of copper beeches, which you see near top left, leads up to the site where stood the 11th. node of the London to Portsmouth semaphore line. On the proverbial good day the operators had views to the Isle of Wight, so it should have been easy to see node #12, just 4km to the south. The original building was replaced early in the 20th. century.

On the right the hamlet of North Marden (?).

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Last modified: 1998 September 13th.