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The English winter - ending in July. To recommence in August.

Lord Byron (1788-1824), Don Juan, Cto.13, St.42

Clickable thumbnail of the excavation at Bignor in progress. Location West Sussex, off the A29 7km south west of Pulborough.
Date 1995 August 7th.
Lens 50mm F1.8
Expose 1/1000

In 1811 the plough used by George Tupper struck a large stone which turned out to belong to one of the largest Roman villas in the country. The digging work, which continues to this day, has revealed a complex site spanning the 2nd, 3rd. and 4th. centuries. Although several fine mosaics are on display, of one which depicts the 'Four Seasons' only the image of Winter remains - ironic, don't you think, within a once prestigious outpost of the Empire.

When leaving the villa, turn right then first left to go up Bignor Hill (208 metres).

Clickable thumbnail of the scene at the sumit of Bignor Hill Lens 28mm F2.8
Expose 1/60

This route follows the course of Stane Street, the Roman road to Noviomagus (Chichester). I suspect that no maintenance has been done to its surface since the last legionary to use it 1600 years ago.

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