Richard's Photo Gallery - Battle

Location Sussex, on the A2100 10km north of Hastings.
Date 1995 August 16th.
Lens 50mm F1.8, pl. filt.
Expose 1/250
Battle Abbey was founded by William the Conqueror who fought the so-called battle of Hastings here on 14th. October 1066 after coming ashore at Pevensey.
The picture looks along Senlac Ridge where Harold and his troops stood.

Date 1995 August 16th.
Lens 28mm F2.8, pl. filt.
Expose 1/60
This rather striking grotesque urn is under 5 feet high but is made to look larger by the wide angle lens and the box hedge behind, which might be mistaken for a larger tree.

The town has picturesque timbered houses and a Norman church.

Date 1996 April 6th.
Lens Sigma 80-200mm F3.5
Expose 1/1000
This is the worst quality shot in this collection. The neg has so little contrast that almost nothing shows apart from the road. The colour was unusable. It does give an idea of the layout of the place which is difficult to appreciate from the ground. In the centre is the roofless refectory.

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1996 June 23rd.