Richard's Photo Gallery - Arundel

... Arundel looks a bit like the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz ...

Tom Dychkoff, The Observer

Arundel castle Location West Sussex, 15km east of Chichester
Date 1995 August 7th.
Lens 28mm F2.8, pl.filt.
Expose 1/125

Arundel is a small town at the foot of the South Downs on the west bank of the River Arun. It is typical of many others in Sussex apart from the large castle built on rising ground at the north end. Although the circular inner keep dates back to Norman times most of the 'restoration' work is Gothic Revival; but is worth seeing for its scale and audacity.

It has been home to the Dukes of Norfolk (the Howard and Fitzalan families) for centuries - despite an appalling attrition rate due to failure in battle or failure in politics (under Henry VIII the end result was the same). The interior is packed with paintings, weapons, fine ceramics etc.

View up Arundel High Street Lens 50mm F1.8, pl.filt.
Expose 1/125

There is plenty to see around the town, including a small museum, a cathedral (also very Victorian and Catholic), river cruises and a wild fowl centre.

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