Richard's Photo Gallery - Silent Pool

There runs a road by Merrow Down -
A grassy track today it is -
An hour out of Guildford town,
Above the river Wey it is.

Rudyard Kipling, Merrow Down

Looking across Silent Pool Location Surrey, 6km east of Guildford.
Date 1995 May 5th.
Lens 50mm F1.8, pl. filter
Expose 1/250

This small lake ('pond' does't sound so romantic) was very poular in Victorian times for no very clear reason. What you see here is what you get.

Duck and trout battle for bread
Lens 500mm F8
Expose 1/125

Take some bread with you and watch Jaws and Donald fight it out!

Looking down on Albury
Lens 500mm F8
Expose 1/125

Follow the A25 up to the top of the hill and you come to Newlands Corner. This has excellent views to the south, and an information centre. In the middle distance you can make out part of the village of Albury.

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