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About Redhill

Being my home town, it's customary to say something in praise of Redhill; but it's hard to get excited about it. In common with many places in Surrey it is largely a dormitory for the London bound commuter yet it lacks the charm of some longer established towns in the county.

Redhill began in 1844 when the South Eastern Railway company was obliged by its competitor to build a station in what was then an isolated area of marsh. A town grew steadily around the station partly because land prices were lower than in neighbouring Reigate. Until the late-70s only some of the town centre's crumbling Victorian buildings had been replaced but since then the centre has been transformed into the now standard shopper's paradise. The history is well told in 'The Redhill Story' [Nigel Dunne, Pub. D.Canning, Redhill, ISBN 0 9523820 0 8].

There is a High Street Market on Thursday and the Belfry Centre has all the shoes you'd ever want to buy. The Harlequin Theatre now provides cultural interest and Donyngs Recreation Centre attracts sporting types. The East Surrey technical college is relatively large.

Manufacturing industry around Redhill has been fleeing, to nearby Crawley and Croydon, from the advance of insurance/property/marketing companies, golf courses, 'super-stores' and wine bars. There are quarries for sand and also for fuller's earth (a type of clay) which has been extracted here for centuries. The busy local airfield is popular with light aircraft, 'microlights' and helicopters. The busy local airfield is less popular with folk who like a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

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