Richard's Photo Gallery - the Pergola

clematis 'William Kennett' Location Redhill, Surrey, OS Ref TQ289521
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 @F16 +13mm ext tube
Expose 1/8
Date 1998 September 20th.
Clematis 'William Kennett'. Needs a less shaded location than here.

clematis Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 @F16
Expose 1/8
Date 1999 May 31st.
Another clematis but I don't know which. The heads are about 14cm across. You don't often get away with hand held shots at this exposure length.

hydrangea Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 @F22
Expose 1/125
Date 1999 July 17th.
A hydrangea, perhaps H.arborescens.

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Last modified: 2001 August 18th.