Richard's Photo Gallery - Munstead Wood

"... colour harmony which renders the dictum that in creating a garden we are composing a picture." - Roy Strong

South west corner of Munstead Wood House Location 2km SE of Godalming, Surrey, OS Ref SU984423
Camera Canon Sure Shot Max
Date 1999 April 30th.

Those chimneys! That roof! It can only be a house that Edwin built. This one is unique because he built it in 1897 as Gertrude Jekyll's own home where she lived until her death in 1932.

Gallery at north side Date 1999 April 30th.

The gallery feature was enlarged to her specification. A narrow one just wouldn't do.

Pathway with azalea Date 1999 April 30th.

These fifteen acres weren't enough for Jekyll who had the urge to plant out much of the surrounding countryside as well.

The garden has opened occasionally under the National Gardens Scheme.

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Last modified: 2001 July 22nd.