Richard's Photo Gallery - Leith Hill

I hate views - they are only made for bad painters.

Oscar Wilde, from Richard Ellman's Oscar Wilde (1987)

Photo of Leith Hill Tower Location Hull's Tower, Surrey, 7km south of Dorking.
Date1995 June 7th.
Lens50mm F1.8, pl.filt.

The highest point in south east England at 294 metres. A local dignitary thought that 1000 feet sounded a better height and so had a tower built at the summit to achieve just that. For a small fee you can go up and (OACD) obtain a view (if you believe the inscription at the top) of just about anywhere - including nearby Leith Hill Place where composer Ralf Vaughan Williams (1872 - 1958) lived as a child. Bring your own oxygen mask.

Photo of Friday Street waterfall Date1995 May 5th.
Lens50mm F1.8

Also worth a visit is nearby Friday Street. This has numerous trails through National Trust woodland, wildlife and water-features towards the head of the Tilling Bourne. No, I don't know why it's called Friday Street.

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