Richard's Photo Gallery - Goes Bananas

Location University of Surrey, Room 6AB21.
Date 1994 January 4th.
Lens 90mm F2.8
Film 200 ISO
Camera Olympus OM2
Expose 1/500
The Dwarf Banana plant (Musa Cavendishii) can grow to about 2m in three or four years and if given the right heat, light and humidity it will then produce edible fruit. This shot shows the first (still green) bunch appearing.

I will grow more as soon as I can persuade the Teaching people that what they really  want there is halogen lamps and a steam generating humidifier.

Some people love collecting things
Like cuddly toys & objets d'art,
Old hunting prints or naff key-rings,
And those whose taste is more bizarre
Keep snakes & spiders, far from cute,
Or tanks full of piranhas.
But Richard's penchant is for fruit,
D'you think he gone bananas?


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Last modified: 1997 October 18th.