Richard's Photo Gallery - Chatley Heath Semaphore

Location Surrey, 1km south east of junc. M25 & A3., OS Ref TQ089585
Date 1995 June 7th.
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 +pl filt
Expose 1/500
Chatley Heath Semaphore Tower is the best preserved part of a chain of signaling stations to enable Whitehall to communicate with Portsmouth. There is a small museum (restricted opening times) but be prepared for a muddy walk if you visit in wet weather.

The tower is passed unknowingly by thousands of people every hour a few metres away on the M25 orbital motorway -

Location Surrey, bridge over M25, OS Ref TQ092585
Lens Centon 500mm F8
Expose 1/125
another communications link inadequate to its task.

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Last modified: 1998 October 11th.