Richard's Photo Gallery - Felixstowe

Where are the foreigners?

Landguard Point Location Landguard Point, Felixstowe
Lens 50mm
Expose 1/500
Date 1996 August 12th.

There has been a fort here, defending the narrow entrance between Felixstowe and Harwich harbours, since the time of Henry 8th.. The structure on the right is the pentagonal Landguard Fort (1717 AD), to the left some WW2 lookout posts, and between them is the southernmost part of the modern container port.

In the Landguard Nature Reserve old searchlight emplacements have been converted into hides to observe the rare birds which nest here.

Promenade & sea wall Location Old Felixstowe
Lens Miranda 28mm
Expose 1/60
Date 1996 August 12th.

In Old Felixstowe stood Walton Castle, one of the 'Saxon Shore Forts'. By 1700 AD the sea had washed away the cliff on which it stood. Now only a few stones are visible at low tide. The name Walton is derived from the Germanic term for 'foreigner settlement'; perhaps a reference to the fort's British inhabitants.

I don't know when the tourist season reaches its peak here, but if this is it then the place has got a problem.

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