Richard's Photo Gallery - Te Anau

The finest walk in the world.
B. E. Baughan The Spectator 1908.

Down town Te Anau Location Te Anau
Date 960228

Te Anau (pronounced TeAhno) seems to be mainly a base for back-packers undertaking the trek to Milford. At 03:30 hours I am alarmed to discover that my room is shaking rather vigorously. "Oh, that was only a tiddler", proclaim the Kiwis, "the epicentre was miles away." Er, right, OK, thanks, I'm very reassured, yes. When do we leave here?

Fiordland National Park Location Fiordland National Park
Date 960228

In the Fiordland National Park are the 'mirror lakes', which are not worth seeing on a day with any wind. Notice the flax, which grows anywhere in NZ that is at all damp. This can also survive in England.

Home Creek Location Home Creek, L.Manapouri
Date 960229

Looks peaceful, but if you're not into fishing then head East.

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