Richard's Photo Gallery - Franz Josef

Franz Josef Location Franz Josef
Date 960225
In 1862 the Austrian explorer Julius von Haast named this glacier after the Emperor Franz Josef.

Hiking up the glacier Location Franz Josef
Date 960225
Our party blazes a trail up the ice where no more than 70,000 have boldly gone before. On no account make your first step into a big puddle of meltwater; it won't make your day.

Nr Jacobs River Location Nr Jacobs River
Date 960226
Mount Cook (3764m) is best seen from the village just south of it, providing the weather is OK, so this view from the West was all I got.

Jacobs River Location Jacobs River
Date 960226
I would have demanded a refund if they hadn't thrown this view in for free.

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1996 April 8th.